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MD1812SCG High-performance, PSR (source-side feedback) single-chip switching power supply controller [2019-12-23]
  MD1812SBG / SCG is a high-performance, PSR (source-side feedback) single-chip switching power supply controller that uses digital logi...More
Comparison of brand advantages of IC MOS bridge stack optocoupler Schottky microcontrollers by brand [2019-12-12]
IC brand branded advantages Part Number Reference MIX-DESIGN (Mesidi) The advantage lies in the low-end low-cost adapter below...More
Verizon fast charge charger K300IU-1031CH disassembly [2019-04-22]
Verizon Wireless was originally the second largest mobile operator in the United States. After acquiring Alltel from Atlantis Holdings LLC, the numb...More
GaN device demand will usher in explosive growth in the 5G era [2019-04-22]
GaN devices will see explosive growth in the 5G era The RF power amplifier (PA) is the main component of the RF front-end transmit path and is typ...More
Power semiconductors usher in a new round of development opportunities [2019-04-22]
Source: The content comes from "Tianfeng Securities", thank you. Power semiconductor devices are the core devices for implementing power conversio...More
暂无图片 It’s time to design a DC/DC converter with a GaN power device. [2019-04-22]
Power semiconductors are an important part of efficient power conversion. In fact, power conversion systems exist in all modern electronics, includ...More
VisIC's smallest 6.7 kW car charger reference design is on the market [2019-04-22]
VisIC Technologies is a leader in gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductor devices in the rapidly growing automotive, data center and industrial mo...More
暂无图片 Domestic third-generation semiconductor manufacturers inventory [2019-04-22]
The rapid development of automotive electronics, 5G technology, new energy vehicles, rail transit and other industries has increased the demand for ...More
暂无图片 List of seven major segments and representative manufacturers of global power GaN industry chain [2019-04-22]
In the field of power management, GaN (GaN) is gaining more and more attention as applications demand for high voltage and high performance. From a...More
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