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The power supply industry is experienced and professional in providing power solutions and supporting semiconductor electronic components.


The company’s research and development results have been widely used in consumer smart charging solutions, AC charging and charging systems supporting fast charging, DC electric vehicle charging piles and its control system, efficient inverter power supply system, energy-saving lighting, accurate BMS, BLDC Tools, high-quality communication power, on-screen control, stable medical device power supply systems, etc.; covering consumer electronics, new energy vehicles, new energy production capacity, energy storage, energy conservation, industrial control, communication, screen display, medical equipment And many other industries.


In the peripheral products business, the company’s subsidiaries and factories can provide customers with mature products, such as AC/DC charging piles, power exchange cabinets, AGV charging cabinets, and high-power charging modules (covering 20- 40kW), smart charger, etc.


Our agent and distribution of many well-known brands at home and abroad original genuine electronic components, the original authorized brand agents, the original authentic electronic components in stock.


Primary agent:

【MOS tube】: MAPLESEMI( měi pǔ sēn )、 wú xī huá rùn xīn (IPS)、 zǐ guāng wēi 、 fù dǐng (APEC)、 xīn jié néng (NCE)、 huá hóng ;
【Schottky】: jié néng yuán jiàn (PFC)、 guāng bǎo (LITEON);
【Power IC】: Dialog(Iwatt)、 lì lín (Power Forest)、 huán qiú 、 xīn mào wēi 、 měi sī dí sài ;
【SiC】: MAPLESEMI( měi pǔ sēn );
【bridge stack】: guāng bǎo (LITEON);
【optocoupler】: tái wān zhào lóng 、 SHARP;
【GaN】: Innoscience 、GaN systems ;
【Bluetooth】: Dialog;
【2G 3G 4G Module】: yí kē ;
【MCU】: háng shùn 、Inmicro ;
Microcontroller Unit (MCU), also known as single-chip microcomputer.


Distribution of semiconductor electronic components such as IR, ON, ST, NXP, INFINEON, CREE.


Electronic components supply:
power IC, diode, triode, optocoupler, voltage regulator, thyristor rectifier, bridge stack, silicon carbide diode, silicon carbide mos tube, microcontroller, etc.


Products are widely used in server power, industrial power supply, power adapter, electric vehicle charging system, HID control board, power tools, battery management system (BMS), motor control system, inverter power, electronic cigarette, humidifier, and so on.


Since its establishment, Shenzhen Ganghao Electronics Co., Ltd. has established long-term strategic partnership with many customers with good credit, competitive price, first-class product service and fast and convenient delivery.

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APEC (fù dǐng xiān jìn)
IPS (huá rùn xīn gōng lǜ)
LITEON (dūn nán)
Maplesemi (měi pǔ sēn)
MIX-DESIGN (měi sī dí sài)
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