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Verizon fast charge charger K300IU-1031CH disassembly
Source:充电头网 Date:2019-04-22 Views:3262

Verizon Wireless was originally the second largest mobile operator in the United States. After acquiring Alltel from Atlantis Holdings LLC, the number of users surpassed AT&T Wireless to become the new US mobile communications leader and the second largest mobile operator in the world.
Previously, the charging head network dismantled the wireless charger of AT&T, the second largest mobile phone service provider in the United States. Recently, the charging head network has got a Verizon Quick Charge charger. Here is the disassembly of this product.

First, Verizon charger appearance
The Verizon charger is a pure black case with an AC pin on the input side and a single-port USB-A output on the output. The front of the charger is the "Verizon" logo.
The output housing is designed to sink, the interface is orange tongue, and it has QC fast charging function.
Compared to the diameter of a dollar coin, the thickness of the charger is slightly smaller.
The input end is printed with the product parameters: Quick Charger, model: K3001U-1031CH, certificate number: 201801090730419, the charger has passed the FCC, and level 6 energy efficiency certification. Input support 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.5A; output support 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, manufacturer: Shenzhen Kexun Industrial Co., Ltd.
Use ChargerLAB POWER-Z FL001SUPER to detect the fast charge protocol of the charger output interface, and display three fast charge supports QC2.0, QC3.0 and MTK PE.
Use this charger to charge Samsung S8 Plus, voltage 9.37V, current 1.33A, charging power 12.52W, support QC2.0 fast charge.
Charge Samsung Xiaomi 8, voltage 6.6V, current 2.67A, charging power 17.65W, support QC3.0 fast charge.
Charging Meizu Pro 6 Plus, voltage 8.45V, current 1.69A, charging power 14.33W, support MTK PE fast charge.
It is used to charge Huawei AP08Q mobile power supply, showing charging voltage is 12.37V, current is 1.28A, charging power is about 15.89W, and QC2.0 fast charging is supported.
Charging the purple rice QB910 mobile power, showing the charging voltage is 9.42V, current 1.93A, charging power is about 18.23W, support QC2.0 fast charge.
Charge the millet mobile power 10000mAh high version, showing the charging voltage is 12.41V, current 1.7A, charging power is about 21.11W, support QC2.0 fast charge.

Using the EBD-USB electronic load to deceive, select 5V, 9V, 12V three output voltage modes, and test the current step curve of the charger at different output voltages.
We can see that in 5V mode, the maximum step current is 3.2A, the corresponding voltage is 4.93V, and the maximum output power is 15.7W.
The charger can reach 2.3A in 9V mode and has a maximum output capability of 20.9W. When the current exceeds 2.3A, the system triggers the protection mechanism and the buck is 5V output.
When the output is 12V, the step-down protection is started when the current reaches 1.8A, and the maximum output power is 21.9W. The test results show that the scheme has excellent constant current and constant power output characteristics under different output voltages, and the actual use will be more safe and reliable.

Next enter the disassembly section of the charger:

Second, Verizon charger dismantling
Open the case from the AC pin cover and the internal PCBA is visible.
Metal shrapnel at the end of the pin.
The front of the charger PCBA is a list of the front, you can see that the components are coated with white thermal glue.
There are code labels on the transformer, and there are two electrolytic capacitors, thermistors, fuses and other components at the input end.
The electrolytic capacitors are from CapXon Fengbin and are all 400V 15uF.
There is also a capacitor on the right side, the specification is 50V 2.2uF, secondary filtering.
The heat sink is coated between the transformer and the PCB.
There are two solid capacitors next to the USB-A output interface, size 16V 330uF, for output filtering.
There is an anti-jamming blue Y capacitor between the primary and secondary of the PCBA.
Look at the back of the PCBA, then look at what components are used on the back of the PCBA.
Input rectifier bridge, ABS210.
Primary PWM controller, chip from MIX-DESiGN Semiconductor, model MX6510. MX6510 adopts digital constant voltage constant current control method +QR technology, MX6510 is equipped with the company’s patented Smart-feedback (Intelligent Feedback Technology), using MIX-DESiGN MX6510 with the company’s secondary protocol and synchronous rectifier controller The MX5410 works together to achieve fast and smooth voltage regulation and accurate precise constant current characteristics at various segment voltages, while MJ-DESiGN is only required for MKT’s PE+1.1/2.0 protocol. Sai Semiconductor’s MX6510 can work independently in a similar PSR control mode, enabling a simpler peripheral circuit design without the need for secondary side protocol ICs and optocouplers.
The MIX-DESiGN MX6510 has the following features:
(1) Compatible with PE1.0/2.0 fast charging function, such as PE fast charging M6510 can work independently without secondary protocol IC and optocoupler device;
(2) Support QC2.0/3.0 from 3.6V~20V with every 200Mv/step voltage adjustment;
(3) Patented Smart-feedback, super-simplified peripheral circuit that satisfies the current constant current characteristics required for voltage output of different outputs;
(4) Using digital CC/CV control technology, the system can work in multiple modes (PWM/PFM, etc.) to optimize conversion efficiency.
(5) Ultra-low standby power consumption, the overall circuit standby is less than 40mW;
(6) Digital quasi-resonant mode of operation, higher energy efficiency and better EMI characteristics;
(7) 75V ultra-wide VCC range, eliminating the need for external VCC LDO circuits.
The primary switch is the Silan Micro 65R950. Silan Micro SVF65R950CMJ/Q/D channel enhanced high voltage power MOS field effect transistor is fabricated by F-Cell planar high voltage VDMOS process technology. The advanced process and strip cell design make the product have low on-resistance, superior switching performance and high avalanche breakdown resistance. This product can be widely used in AC-DC switching power supply, DC-DC power converter, high voltage H-bridge PWM motor drive.
Silan micro 65R950 detailed specifications introduced.
The secondary side MIX-DESiGN MX5410 chip implements protocol identification and synchronous rectification control.
MX5410 currently supports QC3.0 Class A specifications, supports BC1.2, is backward compatible with QC2.0, meets the current QC3.0 charger requirements; will be built in synchronous rectifier controller, no additional synchronous rectifier IC, the circuit is very simple; patent Smart-Feedback technology works with the company’s primary controller MX6510, eliminating the need for complex loop RC compensation devices, eliminating the need for current metal film detection circuitry for constant current, saving more PCB space and BOM cost; At the same time, it has perfect protection control circuit, D+, D-overvoltage protection, output OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP, etc.; product built-in variable programming fast discharge function, when the device is pulled out from the charger or unexpected, it will automatically output Fast down to 5V for safety.
Querying the MIX-DESiGN MX5410 from the Qualcomm website has obtained QC3.0 certification.
Secondary synchronous rectifier, Weibo Semiconductor VS6018AS.
The charger has been disassembled.

Summary of the charging head network disassembly
Verizon’s QC3.0 fast charge charger uses the MIX-DESiGN MX5410 with MIX-DESiGN MX6510 fast charging solution design, the first feeling we see is that the circuit is very simple, its internal The unique primary-secondary digital intelligent feedback technology (Smart-feedback) requires only one optocoupler to transmit output voltage and current requests, eliminating the need for complex feedback circuits to save PCB space and cost, and with output dynamic control. Output all necessary information such as overvoltage, overheating and data pin overvoltage protection.

In terms of agreement, this charger also supports three fast charging protocols, QC3.0, QC2.0 and MTK PE, so this solution will become a high-performance fast charging charger solution while meeting the excellent cost requirements. It is an excellent alternative to the market where AC-DC fast charging is almost dominated by PI and Iwatt.

MIX-DESiGN is the second company in the industry with digital power control technology and products in addition to Dialog. The MX6510+ MX5410 is equipped with the company’s patented Smart-feedback (Intelligent Feedback Technology), which is different from traditional analog. Volume feedback method, the company’s Smart-Feedback feedback technology eliminates the need for traditional secondary current and voltage RC loop compensation network and output metal detection precision metal film resistors, the circuit can achieve accurate multi-level constant voltage and multi-level constant current output At the same time, it eliminates the problem of feedback system gain (Gain) and phase stability of the fast charge source adapter which is difficult to debug due to its wide output voltage. The stability of the system feedback is higher order for most non-senior power supply engineers. Technology, if the feedback circuit settings are unstable, in some extreme cases the power supply will run out of control risk.

MIX-DESiGN’s MX6510+MX5410 primary and secondary fast-filling sleeves provide engineers with the advantages of a simpler and faster design while the peripheral components are extremely streamlined, and can be quickly developed for less experienced power engineers. From the perspective of peripheral circuit design, we are very pleased to see the real innovation and technological progress of the domestic IC, and hope that the domestic IC brand represented by MIX-DESIGN can seize the war caused by the trade war. There have been many successes in the domestic alternative environment.

The above sharing information comes from the Internet, and the copyright and opinions belong to the original author.

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