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MD1812SCG High-performance, PSR (source-side feedback) single-chip switching power supply controller
Source:MIX-DESIGN Date:2019-12-23 Views:2291

  MD1812SBG / SCG is a high-performance, PSR (source-side feedback) single-chip switching power supply controller that uses digital logic control and is specially designed for smart phone-level network products and power supply for small portable devices; built-in 710V power switch tube, maximum The power of 10W and accurate CV / CC (constant current / constant voltage) digital logic control circuit eliminates the optocoupler and TL431 and related components in the traditional feedback loop. MD1812SBG / SCG adopts a highly integrated design. It integrates a high-performance power switch tube and digital control logic circuit into a single package, and integrates various protection circuits to minimize peripheral components and save the cost of peripheral systems. . MD1812SBG / SCG can be simply designed as a typical flyback switching converter. The patented driving technology improves the voltage withstand effect of the power tube and achieves excellent conversion energy efficiency.
MD181X series schematic
main feature
⊙ 710 Built-in 710V power switch;
⊙ PSR (source side) control mode, eliminating optocoupler, TL431 and loop devices;
⊙ precise CC / CV (constant voltage / constant current) digital logic control circuit ;
⊙ Hysteresis OTP (over-temperature protection) circuit;
⊙ Optimized drive circuit to improve conversion efficiency and meet level 5 energy efficiency;
⊙ Use SOP-7 package to allow high and low voltage PIN pin insulation distance More secure;
⊙ No Load Consumption (standby power consumption) <70mw;
⊙ Low electromagnetic interference (EMC) allows the use of simpler EMC back-up circuits;
⊙ Rich protection circuits make the product work more Safe and reliable;
⊙ QR (quasi-resonant) working mode;
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