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CONQUER ELECTRONICS SHENZHEN CO.,LTD is committed to creating wealth for the society and helping employees achieve personal value. We have created brilliance, and after the cold winter, Hong Kong Electronics, which has gone through the spring, summer, autumn and winter, has created an elite team that can withstand hardships and can hardly fight. We believe that talent is the source of survival and development, and is the strategic asset to win the future. Let every wisdom shine, let every drop of sweat crystallize, and let everyone value, is our lifelong responsibility to employees.

——We fully affirm and respect individual’s knowledge, ability and individualized thinking, create an inspiring and passionate working environment, and cultivate the fighting spirit of employees’ hard work and advancing with the times to help employees realize their own value;

——We regard employees as the most valuable resources of the company, care about the work status and quality of life of employees, pay attention to the improvement of employees’ ability and quality, protect and improve the economic income of employees, and truly “cherish people, train people and care people”. ";

——We strive to deal with the relationship between centralization, decentralization and empowerment, taking the system as the guide, trust as the link, improving the transparency of the decision-making process, leaving more space for free development and personal growth for employees, in order to achieve “position” Appropriate, people make the best use of it, to achieve the common growth of the company and employees.

Here is a stage without a ceiling. On the stage is a group of people with dreams; here is a morality, advocating team spirit; here is the need for passion, transcendence; here to encourage self-challenge, encourage continuous creation. With respect for igniting passion, caring for loyalty, and building strength with trust, Ganghui Electronics looks forward to the arrival of every talent:

Create brilliant, make you and my dreams!

Application Notes:

1 The applicants are oriented according to their work experience, educational background, skill level and career development, select the most suitable position and deliver the resume.

2 Applicants are required to bring: personal resume, academic qualifications, proof of relevant honors and technical titles, and a copy of ID card.

3 Please describe your resume truthfully and provide true and valid documents. The company refuses all fraudulent acts.

4 Do not apply for a position repeatedly in a short period of time (two weeks). If appropriate, the company will respond within 3 working days after receiving the resume.

5 interview process: delivery resume → telephone notification → initial test → retest → admission.

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