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Domestic third-generation semiconductor manufacturers inventory
Source:半导体行业观察 Date:2019-04-22 Views:7554

The rapid development of automotive electronics, 5G technology, new energy vehicles, rail transit and other industries has increased the demand for high-temperature, high-power, high-voltage, high-frequency devices in electronic technology, so the third-generation semiconductor came into being. The third generation semiconductors mainly include silicon carbide (SiC), aluminum nitride (AlN), gallium nitride (GaN), diamond, and zinc oxide (ZnO). Among them, SiC and GaN are more mature.

The United States, Japan, Europe and other countries have carried out active strategic deployment. Infineon, Roma, Texas Instruments, STMicroelectronics and other international manufacturers have also begun to act on the third generation of semiconductors, making the third generation Semiconductor materials have attracted worldwide attention and become the focus of semiconductor technology research and industry competition. In addition, TSMC, the world’s advanced, stable, X-Fab, Han Lei and Huanyu and other Taiwanese foundries participated in the development of the third-generation semiconductor, and gradually pushed the third-generation semiconductor to the C position.

As we all know, China is now vigorously developing the integrated circuit industry. The third-generation semiconductors have also received important attention as important materials and components for next-generation electronic products.

policy Analysis

In May 2015, the State Council issued the "Made in China 2025". Among them, the third generation semiconductor power devices represented by silicon carbide and gallium nitride are mentioned four times.

In July 2018, China’s first "third-generation semiconductor power electronics technology roadmap" was officially released. The roadmap mainly discusses four aspects: substrate/epitaxial/device, package/module, SiC application, GaN application, etc., and proposes the path recommendations for the development of third-generation semiconductor power electronics technology in China and the prediction of future industrial development.

So far, four 4/6-inch SiC production/test lines and three GaN production/test lines have been put into use in China, and several R&D pilot platforms related to third-generation semiconductors are under construction. The market share of domestically produced single crystal substrates and epitaxial wafers continues to expand. Localized SiC diodes and Mosfets are beginning to enter the market. Domestic GaN microwave and RF devices play a leading role in defense and communications.

Silicon carbide

According to Yole’s "Power Silicon Carbide (SiC) Materials, Devices and Applications - 2018 Edition" released in 2018, the total market value of SiC power will exceed $1.4 billion by 2023, and the compound annual growth rate from 2017 to 2023. (CAGR) will reach 29%.

From the perspective of the industrial chain, silicon carbide includes single crystal substrates, epitaxial wafers, device design, device manufacturing and other links, but the current global silicon carbide market is basically monopolized by foreign companies. Among them, especially in the United States, Europe, and Japan. The United States is in a leading position, accounting for 70%-80% of global SiC production; Europe has a complete SiC substrate, epitaxy, device and application industry chain; Japan is the absolute leader in equipment and module development.

So how is the development of domestic silicon carbide?

In terms of single crystal substrates , the domestic substrate is mainly 4 inches. At present, a 6-inch conductive SiC substrate and a high-purity semi-insulating SiC substrate have been developed. According to CASA data, Shandong Tianyue, Tianke Heda, Hebei Tongguang, and Zhongke Energy have completed the research and development of 6-inch substrates. The CLP equipment has developed a 6-inch semi-insulating substrate.

Shandong Tianyue

In 2017, Shandong Tianyue independently developed a new high-purity semi-insulating substrate material. Currently, the mass production products are mainly 4 inches. In addition, its 4H conductive silicon carbide substrate materials are mainly 2 inches, 3 inches and 4 inches. And 6 inches. Shandong Tianyue also independently developed a 6-inch N-type silicon carbide substrate material.

On November 13, 2018, the commencement of the Tianyue silicon carbide material project was held in Liuyang High-tech Zone, Changsha. The implementation of the project marks the official opening of the largest third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide material project and complete process production line in China. It is reported that Tianyue silicon carbide material project is developed and constructed by Shandong Tianyue Crystal Materials Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase covers an area of ??156 mu. It mainly produces silicon carbide conductive substrates. The estimated annual output value can be Up to 1.3 billion yuan; the second phase mainly produces functional devices, including power device packaging, modules and devices, new energy vehicles and charging station devices, rail transit traction converters, solar photovoltaic inverters, etc., with an estimated annual output value of 5 billion - 6 billion yuan, taxes can reach 500 million to 700 million yuan.

Tianke Heda

As of July 2018, Tianke Heda has developed four products: 4-inch silicon carbide wafer production (6-inch unproduced, ready); silicon carbide single crystal growth equipment; silicon carbide crystal cutting, wafer processing And clear return service; silicon carbide gemstone crystal.

Yang Jian, general manager of Tianke Heda, said: "Now, Tianke Heda has more than 100 furnaces and can produce 20,000 pieces of 4-inch conductive silicon carbide wafers a year. Our production capacity is far from the market demand, we are now The demand for four major customers is 200,000. Tianke Heda is continuing to expand its production capacity and plans to expand it by three times."

In October 2018, Tianke Heda officially signed a contract for the silicon carbide wafer project invested in the Xuzhou Economic Development Zone.


Hebei Tongguang

Hebei Tongguang’s main products include 4-inch and 6-inch conductive, semi-insulating silicon carbide substrates, of which 4-inch substrates have reached the world’s advanced level.

In October 2017, Tongguang teamed up with Tsinghua University, Peking University’s Wide Band Absolute Semiconductor Research Center, Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Hebei University to build a “third-generation semiconductor material testing platform” to promote the third-generation semiconductor industry in China. development of.

Zhongke Energy Saving

In July 2017, Zhongke Energy signed a cooperation agreement with Qingdao Laixi City and Guohong Zhongjing to invest in the construction of a silicon carbide crystal growth line project. The total investment of the project is 1 billion yuan. The project is divided into two phases. The first phase investment is about 500 million yuan. It is expected to be completed and put into production in June 2019. After completion, it can produce 50,000 pieces of 4 inch N-type silicon carbide crystal substrate and 5,000 pieces per year. A 4-inch high-purity semi-insulating silicon carbide crystal substrate; the second phase investment is about 500 million yuan. After completion, it can produce 50,000 6-inch N-type silicon carbide crystal substrate sheets and 5,000 pieces of 4-inch high-purity semi-insulating type. A silicon carbide crystal substrate sheet.


Founded in February 2005, Norstel is a company separated from silicon wafer manufacturer Okmetic Oyj. The plant in Norrk?ping, Sweden, was completed in 2006. Norstel uses high-temperature chemical vapor deposition (HTCVD) patented technology to produce high quality, large size SiC substrates and epitaxial wafers.

In terms of epitaxial wafers , domestic Tiantiancheng, Dongguan Tianyu Semiconductor, and National Technology subsidiary National Tiancheng can supply 4-6 inch epitaxial wafers, and 13 of the CLP divisions and 55 have internal supply epitaxial wafer production departments.


Haotian Tiancheng is a Sino-US joint venture high-tech enterprise focusing on silicon carbide epitaxial wafers. The company has formed a three-inch four-inch and six-inch complete silicon carbide semiconductor epitaxial wafer production line, and meets the needs of 600V, 1200V, 1700V device fabrication. The company is also the first domestic supplier of commercial 6-inch silicon carbide epitaxial wafers.

Dongguan Tianyu

Dongguan Tianyu Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (TYSiC) was established on January 7, 2009. It is the first high-tech enterprise in China specializing in R&D, production and sales of third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide epitaxial wafers. At present, the company has introduced four world-class SiC-CVD and supporting testing equipment, and the growth technology has reached the international advanced level.

In 2012, Tianyu Semiconductor has achieved an annual production capacity of over 20,000 3-inch and 4-inch silicon carbide epitaxial wafers. Currently, it offers 6-inch silicon carbide epitaxial wafers and various unipolar and bipolar SiC power devices. .

National technology

On August 15, 2017, the National Technology Release Announcement, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary National Investment signed an investment agreement with the Chengdu Municipal Government, and plans to invest in the “National Tiancheng Compound Semiconductor Ecological Industrial Park” with a project of not less than RMB 8 billion. It is expected to have a scale at the beginning of the third year and achieve capacity in five years. The company plans to invest 50 million yuan through national investment, and cooperate with Chen Yaping technical team to establish Chengdu National Tiancheng Compound Semiconductor Co., Ltd. to build and operate 6-inch second-generation and third-generation semiconductor integrated circuit epitaxial wafer projects. 100 million yuan.

In terms of devices/modules/IDM , China lacks in the design of silicon carbide devices, and no manufacturer has involved this. However, in the module and device manufacturing process, a number of outstanding enterprises have emerged in China, including Sanan Integration, Haiwei Huaxin, Tyco Tianrun, Zhongche Times, Century Golden Light, Core Light Run, Shenzhen Basic, Guoyang Electronics, Silan Micro, Yang Jie Technology, Zhanxin Electronics, Tianjin Central, Jiangsu Huagong, Dalian Core Crown, Ju Licheng Semiconductor.

Sanan Integration

In December 2018, Sanan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Xiamen Sanan IC announced the launch of a 6-inch SiC wafer foundry process. The full process qualification test for the commercial version of the 6-inch SiC wafer fabrication technology has been completed and added to the Sanan IC’s foundry service portfolio.

Tyco Tianrun

Tyco Tianrun’s basic core products are represented by silicon carbide Schottky diodes, which include silicon carbide Schottky diodes, silicon carbide MOSFETs and silicon carbide modules in various packages, including 600V/5A to 50A and 1200V/. Series of silicon carbide Schottky diodes such as 5A to 50A and 1700V/10A have been put into mass production. Tyco Tianrun has built the first domestic silicon carbide device production line, and SBD products cover the voltage range of 600V-3300V.

Core light

In 2012, Xinguang Runze established a research and technical team of silicon carbide chips through the introduction of top industry experts at home and abroad, and established a joint R&D center with Western Jiaotong University and Xidian in the third generation of semiconductors. In December 2016, the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide power module industrialization project of Xinguang Runze officially started construction.

In September 2018, Xiamen Xinguang Runze’s first silicon carbide IPM production line was officially put into operation, marking an important breakthrough in China’s strategic emerging industry of silicon carbide chips.

Century Golden Light

Century Jinguang is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of second- and third-generation semiconductor crystal materials and epitaxial devices. The company’s main products are 2-4 inch silicon carbide single wafers, which can meet the requirements of optoelectronics and microwave and power devices.

Shenzhen Basic

BASiC Semiconductor Ltd. is the third-generation semiconductor industry leader in China, dedicated to the research and development and industrialization of silicon carbide power devices. The basic semiconductor integrates overseas innovation technology and domestic industrial resources, and researches and develops various aspects such as material preparation, chip design, manufacturing process, package testing, and drive application of silicon carbide devices, covering all aspects of the industrial chain. Based on the unique 3D SiCTM technology, the performance of basic semiconductor silicon carbide power devices has reached international advanced level and can be widely used in new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, rail transit and smart grid.

Guoyang Electronics

In 2016, the Yangzhou Guoyang Electronics Co., Ltd. Power Electronics Industrial Park project in Yangzhou Development Zone was officially completed and put into operation in October. It is understood that the project will be implemented in three phases. In 2014, the investment will be about 90 million yuan for the construction of silicon carbide module projects; the investment in 2015-2016 will be about 910 million yuan for the construction of silicon carbide materials, expansion of silicon carbide modules and silicon size. Extension project; investment of about 1 billion yuan in 2017-2018, for the construction of large-scale silicon epitaxial expansion projects and RF module projects.

Yangjie Technology

Yangjie technology products include power diodes, rectifier bridges, Schottky diodes and mosfets. With the expansion of the 4-inch line and the production of the 6-inch line at the end of 2018, the total revenue is steadily increasing based on shipments to maintain a growth rate of 35%. In March 2015, Yangjie Technology signed a contract with Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology to carry out the industrial application research of the third generation of semiconductor materials and devices. In April 2015, Yangjie Technology acquired 38.87% of Guoyu Electronics through capital increase and equity transfer. Established a close working relationship with the 55th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation on silicon carbide chips and module products. In July 2015, Yangjie Technology raised 150 million yuan for silicon carbide chip, device research and development and industrialization construction projects.

At the same time, the company strategically lays out high-margin products such as 8-inch line IGBT chips and IPM module business, and multi-product line coordinated development helps the company to increase its market share in power devices.

Xingxin Electronics

In May 2018, Shanghai Xingxin Electronics said that the company’s first domestic 6-inch silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET wafer was officially launched. According to reports, Shanghai Xingxin Electronics completed the process flow, device and layout design in early October 2017, completed the preliminary process test from October to December, and officially began filming in December 2017, successfully in May 2018. The manufacturing process of silicon carbide MOSFETs is completed on a mature mass production 6-inch process line. Wafer-level test results show that various electrical parameters have reached expectations, laying a solid foundation for further optimization of process and device design.

Gallium nitride

According to Yole, the market for GaN RF devices will expand to twice the current level in 2016-2020, and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach 4%. At the end of 2020, the market size will be expanded to 2.5 times. From 2019 to 2020, the implementation of 5G networks will continue to promote the growth of the GaN market. In the next 10 years, the GaN market is expected to exceed $3 billion.

In the GaN part, there are TSMC and the world’s leading GaN-on-Si foundry business. The company specializes in GaN-on-SiC for 5G base stations. X-Fab, Han Lei and Huanyu also provide SiC and GaN’s foundry business. With the promotion of the foundry business, the market size of the third-generation semiconductor materials will further expand.

In terms of GaN substrates , domestically produced 2-inch substrates in small batches, with 4-inch substrate throughput, and 6-inch substrate samples have been developed. Domestic companies that can provide related products are: Nawei Technology, China Gallium Semiconductor.

Nawei Technology

Suzhou Nawei is built by the Suzhou Institute of Nanoscience of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. As the first supplier of GaN substrate wafers in China , the team began research and development of vapor-phase growth equipment for gallium nitride single crystal materials, and gradually developed 1 inch, 2 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch gallium nitride single crystal materials. A high-conductivity and semi-insulating gallium nitride single crystal was developed by n-type doping and compensation doping of gallium nitride single crystal material growth.

Medium gallium semiconductor

The medium gallium semiconductor adopts the combination of MOCVD technology, laser stripping technology and HVPE technology. The research and development and production products include: GaN semiconductor substrate materials, including GaN substrate, GaN/Al2O3 composite substrate, and patterned sapphire substrate.

At the beginning of February 2018, Dongguan Zhongjiao Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. achieved a major breakthrough in mass production of gallium nitride (GaN) substrates! The first trial production of a 4-inch GaN self-supporting substrate in China.

The main domestic enterprises include Suzhou Jingzhan, Jiangxi Jingneng, Dalian Xinguan Technology, Zhongjing Semiconductor, and the energy source of the investment of Naiwei Technology.

Suzhou Jingzhan

Suzhou Jingzhan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high quality GaN epitaxial materials for microwave RF and power electronics applications. In August 2013, Jingzhan began to build an international advanced GaN epitaxial material production line in Suzhou Nano City, which can produce 20,000 pieces of 150mm GaN epitaxial wafers per year.

At the end of 2014, Suzhou Jingzhan was the first in the world to release its commercial 8-inch silicon-based GaN epitaxial wafer products. It has been verified by relevant downstream customers. The material has world-leading technical indicators and excellent performance, and fills the domestic and even the world nitrogen. The gap in the gallium industry.

Dalian Core Crown Technology

Dalian Core Crown Technology Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor high-tech enterprise founded by overseas returning team. The development and industrialization of third-generation semiconductor epitaxial materials and electronic devices represented by gallium nitride.

The company has internationally advanced German Ai Siqiang MOCVD epitaxial furnace and epitaxial characterization equipment, 6-inch compound semiconductor chip production line, wafer-on-chip inspection system, reliability test system and application development system. In the field of power electronics, the company has realized mass production of 6-inch 650-volt silicon-based GaN epitaxial wafers, and released the world’s advanced level of 650 volt silicon-based GaN power device products, mainly used in power management, solar reverse Transformers, electric vehicles and industrial motor drives. In the field of microwave radio frequency, the company has developed silicon-based GaN epitaxial materials, and research and development and industrialization preparation of radio frequency chips have been launched. The products are positioned in the RF communication and RF energy markets below 10 GHz.

Zhongjing Semiconductor

Zhongjing Semiconductor is mainly supported by a series of precision semiconductor device manufacturing technologies such as HVPE equipment. Based on GaN substrates, it focuses on the development of Mini/MicroLED epitaxy and chip technology, and extends to new display modules. Meanwhile, Zhongjing Semiconductor will Based on GaN substrate technology, it incubates international advanced technologies such as VCSELs, power electronics, compound semiconductor RF devices, lamp package modules, and laser package modules, and conducts global industrial layout.

Shaped energy source

In 2018, Naiwei Technology invested in the establishment of Juyuan Crystal Source and Qingdao Jueng Chuangxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. In December 2018, Jueneng Crystal successfully developed 8-inch silicon-on-silicon (GaN-on-Si). Epitaxial wafer. This type of epitaxial wafer achieves high voltage resistance of 650V/700V while maintaining high crystal quality, high uniformity and high reliability of epitaxial materials, which can fully meet the application requirements of high voltage power electronic devices in the industry.

In terms of devices/modules/IDM , Innolux, China Resources Micro, Suzhou Nengxun, Jiangsu Nenghua, Silan Micro, Jiangsu Huagong Semiconductor, Sanan Integration, and Haiwei Huaxin have all entered the layout.


Inno Secco (Zhuhai) Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise initiated by the returnees team in December 2015 and has assembled and developed the third generation of semiconductor power electronic devices jointly developed by dozens of domestic and foreign elites. The company’s business model uses IDM’s full industrial chain model to create a third-generation semiconductor production platform that integrates R&D, design, epitaxial growth, chip manufacturing, testing and failure analysis.

In November 2017, Innoco’s 8-inch silicon-based GaN production line was put into production, becoming the first 8-inch silicon-based GaN production line in China.

In mid-2018, the Sino-Secco wide-bandgap semiconductor project was held in Wujiang District, Suzhou. It is reported that the project has a total investment of 6 billion yuan and covers an area of ??368 mu. Upon completion, it will become a world-class R&D, production, epitaxial production, chip manufacturing and packaging testing. The industry gap of high-end semiconductor devices in China.

Innosai CEO Sun Zaiheng said that at present, in the field of GaN electronic power devices and RF devices, especially in the field of silicon-based gallium nitride, China has not been able to achieve localization. The landing of the project is to break this situation and fill the gap in the industry of high-end semiconductor devices in China. At the same time, the project is also the world’s first large-scale mass production base in this field, with a monthly production capacity of 60,000-80,000 pieces, for 5G mobile communications, new energy vehicles, high-speed trains, electronic information, aerospace, energy Internet and other industries. Independent innovation and other transformation and upgrading industries provide advanced, efficient, energy-saving and low-cost core electronic components.

China Resources Micro

The compound semiconductor project under the China Resources Micro-Planning project judges that the production line is mainly a GaN process. The project will be implemented in two phases, of which the investment in the first phase will be 2 billion yuan and the investment in the second phase will be 3 billion yuan.

In December 2017, China Resources Microelectronics completed the acquisition of AVIC (Chongqing) Microelectronics Co., Ltd., which has an 8-inch silicon-based GaN production line and the first 8-inch 600V/10A GaN power device in China for power management.

Suzhou Energy News

Based on the integrated design and manufacturing (IDM) model, Nexun has independently developed GaN material growth, chip design, wafer process, package testing, reliability and application circuit technology. Nengxun Semiconductor has built China’s first gallium nitride (GaN) electronic device factory in Kunshan National High-tech Zone, Jiangsu Province. The plant covers an area of ??55 acres with a total investment of 1 billion yuan. Completed the accumulation of technologies and products for 5G communication systems, and the product performance has passed the testing and certification of world-class communication companies. 6-inch, 8-inch silicon-based gallium nitride wafer materials are available now.

At 2018 EDICON China, Nengxun Semiconductor introduced high-power RF power amplifier tubes and various solutions in 780 Dual-Path package to meet the high-frequency, broadband and high-efficiency system requirements of base station customers; especially 1.8GHz with efficiency up to 60%. The FDD Doherty amplifier is more than 5% ahead of the mainstream LDMOS PA.

Jiangsu Nenghua

Jiangsu Nenghua was founded by Dr. Zhu Tinggang, an expert of the National “Thousand Talents Program”, to build eight epitaxial wafer production lines of 6 inches or more and a complete power device process line. It mainly produces composite semiconductor high performance wafers represented by gallium nitride and Its power devices, chips and modules.

In 2016, Jiangsu Nenghua participated in the key advanced electronic materials of the national key R&D program and carried out key technology projects for GaN-based new power electronic devices.


Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in integrated circuit chip design and semiconductor microelectronics related products. The company’s main products are integrated circuits and semiconductor products.

In the third quarter of 2017, Silan Micro opened a 6-inch silicon-based GaN power device pilot line. After the launch, Silan Micro will further strengthen technical research and development in this area. The company expects that there will be product breakthroughs in the next 1-2 years, and new products will be introduced to the market as soon as possible.

In October 2018, Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Xiamen 12-inch chip production line and advanced compound semiconductor production line officially started. In December 2017, Silan Microelectronics signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with the Haishu District People’s Government of Xiamen. Silan Microelectronics and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group Co., Ltd. jointly invested 22 billion yuan to build two 12-inch 90-65nm process chips (power semiconductor chips and MEMS sensors) in Xiamen and a 4/6-inch compatible line. Advanced compound semiconductor devices (third generation power semiconductors, optical communication devices, high-end LED chips) production line.

Huagong Semiconductor

Jiangsu Huagong Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016. It has strong expert resources, excellent talent team, long-term technical accumulation and rich industrialization experience in the third-generation semiconductor industry.

Huagong Semiconductor’s technical team is based on Peking University, Zhongshan University and cooperative university industrialization enterprises. Since 2012, it has cooperated to promote the industrialization of silicon-based GaN power electronics. Now it has overcome the key to industrialization of related materials and devices. technology.

Sanan Integration

In November 2018, according to the Xiamen Evening News, after more than four years of construction, the provincial and municipal key projects Sanan Integrated Circuit (Phase I) was basically completed, and gallium arsenide, gallium nitride and silicon carbide products have been produced in small batches. And continue to use the market. The newly-built production line will actively deploy 5G RF, optical communication and other fields in the domestically produced brands, which will be in the fields of 5G, driverless and new energy vehicles.

As of October 2018, Sanan Integrated Circuit (Phase I) has completed a fixed asset investment of 2.41 billion yuan, and has a production line covering GaAs, GaN, SiC chips and epitaxy. The current annual production capacity is 96,000 pieces/year, which can be formed after production. The production capacity of 360,000 pieces/year.


Haiwei Huaxin

Haiwei Huaxin is the first FOUNDRY service company in China to provide six-inch gallium arsenide/GaN gallium microwave integrated circuits. In July 2016, the national team opened a fund of 152 million yuan to increase the capital of Haiwei Huaxin, escorting the semiconductor industry. Haiwei Huaxin’s second shareholder, Siwei Electronics, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongdian Branch, and Hite High-tech has signed a “Strategic Cooperation Letter of Intent” with 29 companies to lay the foundation for the company’s military orders .

In its 2017 annual report, the company stated that the production rate of the IPD and PPA25 production lines of the GaAs process R&D team of Haiwei Huaxin Technology has reached the expected level and has the initial mass production capability; GaN successfully broke through 6-inch GaN. Wafer bonding technology; in chip product development, general-purpose chips, custom chips, digital circuits and other development and design more than 120 models, including filters, power dividers, switch matrices, couplers and other products.

The above sharing information comes from the Internet, and the copyright and opinions belong to the original author.

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