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VisIC's smallest 6.7 kW car charger reference design is on the market
Source:GaN世界 Date:2019-04-22 Views:2661

VisIC Technologies is a leader in gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductor devices in the rapidly growing automotive, data center and industrial motor markets. Recently, VisIC announced that its vehicle charger (OBC) reference design can be invested in the fast-growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

The 6.7 kW car charger weighs only 2.3 liters and weighs only 4.5 kilograms. Its functional density is close to 3 kW/liter, confirming the subversive ability of GaN power switches. This car charger has three times the power density of commercial products that are currently available for purchase. The product’s charging efficiency exceeds 96% over a wide load range, so it helps automakers reduce power consumption and enable electric vehicle owners to reduce charging time.

The 6.7 kW car charger with VisIC’s GaN power device is designed for plug-in hybrid /electric vehicles (PHEV/EV). The charger uses a universal 110-220 volts/16-32 amp AC input and a 200-430 VDC output to charge the car’s battery to control the battery ’s input voltage and current. The charger’s interface is designed to meet the charging criteria on the power input side, so it can be seamlessly interfaced with the charging infrastructure.

This advanced car charger uses VisIC’s GaN technology and is designed to meet the automotive certification standard AEC-Q101 for lower power loss, smaller size and lighter weight. The combined benefits of this charger include streamlined cooling systems, reduced charging time, and reduced size and cost for electric vehicles.

“We are pleased to announce the reference design for this car charger to help our customers accelerate the design cycle and quickly and efficiently bring the best xEV chargers from VisIC’s GaN technology to market.” VisIC is responsible for sales and marketing. Ran Soffer, senior vice president of affairs, said, "This reference design confirms that VisIC’s GaN technology can bring benefits and improvements to xEV users. With VisIC’s GaN technology, electric vehicles will More efficient, lighter and cheaper."

In order to achieve future global climate goals, the new cutting-edge automotive power system needs to use VisIC’s GaN technology to achieve more efficient green transportation.

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