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Category: NCE Power (xīn jié néng)
Summary: Super Junction MOSFET,Trench gate field cut-off IGBT


Wuxi NCE POWER COL.,LTD specialize in R&D and sales of semiconductor power devices. At present, the company’s main products include: 12V ~ 200V trench power MOSFET (N-channel and P-channel), 30V ~ 300V shielded gate power MOSFET (N-channel and P-channel), 500V ~ 900V super junction power MOSFET, 600V ~1350V trench gate field-cut IGBT, the related core technology has been granted a number of patents, and the four series of products have been recognized by Jiangsu Province high-tech products.

With low loss and high reliability, the company has successfully entered the market of automotive electronics, motor drives, household appliances, consumer electronics, LED lighting, electric vehicles, security, network communications, etc. Certification of well-known companies at home and abroad. The company leverages its technological advantages to work closely with internationally renowned 8" wafer foundries, packaging and test foundries, and has a comprehensive quality management system to ensure consistent quality and stable supply.

The company is a high-tech enterprise, China’s top ten semiconductor power devices (China Semiconductor Association, 2016-2017), with Wuxi Power Device Engineering Research Center, Jiangsu Province graduate workstation, focusing on advanced semiconductor power The R&D and industrialization of the device, a number of research and development results were published in international journals/international conferences such as IEEE and ISPSD, and indexed by SCI and EI. The company will continue to increase investment in research and development, enhance product competitiveness, and become an internationally competitive supplier of semiconductor power device products and services.

The company is headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu, with a Shenzhen branch. The company’s aim is to treat all customers and partners with integrity and loyalty, and to establish a long-term cooperative relationship of cooperation and win-win.


No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE01H10 1000 TO-220
2 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE1520AK 2500/盘 TO-252
3 NCE 功率MOSFET NCE1520K 2500/盘 TO-252
4 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE3035Q 4K/盘 DFN3*3
5 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE3416 3000 SOT-23
6 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE40H12 1000 TO-220
7 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE40H20A 1000 TO-220
8 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE40H21C 1000 TO-220
9 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE6020AI 1000 TO-251
10 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE60H10 1000 TO-220
11 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE60H15 1000 TO-220
12 NCE 超结功率MOSFET NCE65T180 1000 TO-220
13 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCE9435 4K/盘 SOP-8
14 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP0112AS 1000 TO-251
15 NCE 屏蔽栅沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP01T13 1000 TO-220
16 NCE 屏蔽栅沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP12T15 1000 TO-220
17 NCE 屏蔽栅沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP15T14 1K TO-220
18 NCE 屏蔽栅沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP40T11AG 5K/盘 DFN5*6
19 NCE 功率MOSFET NCEP40T11G 5K/盘 DFN5*6
20 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP60T12A 1000 TO-220
21 NCE 屏蔽栅沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP60T18 1000 TO-220
22 NCE 沟槽型功率MOSFET NCEP60T18A 1000 TO-220


Mobile Fast Charge Synchronous Rectifier MOSFET Recommendation

Using the advanced voltage withstand principle and optimized design structure, the new 700-900V SJ-MOS II series products provide sufficient pressure tolerance for system applications, simplifying system design difficulties. Improve system reliability and meet customer demand for high withstand voltage, low on-resistance and high efficiency super-junction MOSFETs.

With the advent of the information age, the popularity of electronic devices such as mobile phones has increased, and the number of charging times has been plagued by people. With the accelerated pace of life, mobile phone battery capacity has increased, consumers urgently need a fast charging solution to ease the trouble of charging. This has led to the development and popularity of fast chargers.

To achieve fast charging, it is necessary to increase the charging power. High power means the increase of the volume of the charger. As a mobile electronic device accessory, the size of the charger must be miniaturized and convenient to carry around. This puts higher requirements on power efficiency and temperature rise, so it has promoted the development of synchronous rectification. . At present, the representative fast charging solution is mainly based on PI and Iwatt. Synchronous rectification is used to improve power efficiency and reduce temperature.

The figure below is a schematic diagram of the PI QC3.0 scheme circuit.

PI QC3.0方案电路原理图

The main chip adopts SC1271K, which integrates primary switching tube, PWM controller and secondary synchronous rectification controller. The output part of the synergy chip is SC0163D, which fully supports Qualcomm’s QC3.0 Class A specification and is compatible with QC2.0 Class A specifications.

Typical products such as Xiaomi 5 mobile phone charger MDY-08-EH. It can be charged for 5 minutes and can talk for 2.5 hours. Output: 5V2.5A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A, nominal maximum output power 18W; reached the output level of the mainstream fast charge charger.
小米5手机充电器MDY-08-EH  小米5手机充电器MDY-08-EH

Wuxi Xinjie can introduce four synchronous rectification MOS NCEP6020ASNCE0110AS, NCE0114AS, NCEP0160G, for this application and adopt the latest Super Trench Process. SuperTrench MOS uses ShieldGate Deep Trench technology with charge balancing to improve the switching and conduction characteristics of the device while reducing the device’s characteristic on-resistance (Rsp) and gate charge (Qg). ), the new Super Trench MOS soft body diode performance can effectively reduce the voltage spikes in synchronous rectification.

èNCEP6020AS(60V 20A)
- SOP-8 Package
- Vth=1.7V
- Ron10=4.0mR (Typ.) 
- Ron4.5=4.4mR(Typ.)
- Qgd=10nC
- SOP-8 Package
- VDS= 100V,ID =10A
- RDS(ON)< 17mΩ @ VGS=10V (Typ:14mΩ)
- RDS(ON)< 20mΩ @ VGS=4.5V (Typ:15.2mΩ)
- SOP-8 Package
- VDS =100V,ID =14A
- RDS(ON)=8.8mΩ (typical) @VGS=10V
- RDS(ON)=9.8mΩ (typical) @ VGS=4.5V
- DFN5X6-8L(Compatible with SOP-8 Package)
- VDS =100V,ID =60A
- RDS(ON) <8.5mΩ @ VGS=10V

NCE0114AS has a measured efficiency of 88.5% under the harsh test conditions in a 24W fast charge product using the PI solution INN2215K. Test conditions: input 90V AC, output 8V 3A. Compared with NCE0114AS, NCE0160G has lower Rdson, higher current and lower thermal resistance of 0.7 °C/W, which is suitable for some more demanding applications.

At the same time, Xinjie can provide small-scale super-junction MOS such as TO-251.TO-252 for some non-integrated primary MOS schemes of OB and Iwtt. Compared with VDMOS, it has lower on-resistance, which is beneficial to reduce conduction loss, extremely low gate charge, faster switching speed, smaller package size and smaller product size. The TO-251, TO-252 package can provide up to 11A 650V. Ordinary VDMOS is more difficult to achieve such a small package.

Super Knot Product Catalog:http://www.ncepower.com/proSuperJunctionMOSFETs.aspx?Cateid=71


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