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Category: MIX-DESIGN (měi sī dí sài)
Summary: Integrated circuit IC, synchronous rectification, PSR, SSR (PWM) controller, LED lighting


MIX-DESIGN is a leading analog and digital mixed-signal semiconductor design company. Based on the world’s advanced semiconductor process technology and technology, we focus on R&D, testing, and sales during power semiconductors.

The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Dushu Lake Higher Education District of Suzhou Industrial Park. The company’s main products are high-performance integrated AC-DC power control chips and related products. The R&D members come from well-known semiconductor manufacturers at home and abroad in this field. The core members have deep experience in integrated circuit design and management. The company’s core value is: to provide customers with stable, reliable and excellent cost-effective product solutions, and to maintain market competitive advantages with customers.

In order to ensure the accurate consistency of product parameters, the company invested in the establishment of advanced chip test (CP TEST), finished product test (FT) production line, as well as complete product reliability and quality anomaly analysis and inspection equipment system. Provide a strong quality guarantee for every chip produced by the company. In order to integrate product R&D, testing, warehousing and comprehensive operation capabilities of the company, in September 2014, the company invested nearly 40 million RMB to purchase an independent office building in the Suzhou Higher Education Innovation Zone. In the future, we will be able to provide customers with better quality. Product solutions and services.

After several years of technical accumulation and precipitation, the company has reached the advanced level of the same industry in key aspects such as product energy efficiency improvement, power device drive technology, digital-analog hybrid design integration, and product testing technology. The company has a professional engineer from the front-end product definition, technology research and development, test engineering, technical application and client quality, to lay a solid foundation for continuously improving product quality, continuously improving product performance and providing customers with more professional technical services.

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No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 MIX Integrated circuit MC1105SCG-TR 4K/盘 SOP-7
2 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800HSAG-TR 4K/盘,80K/箱 SOP-7
3 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800HSZG 90PCS/管,4K/盘 SOT-7
4 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800HSZG-TR 4k/盘,8K/盒 SOP-7
5 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800SBG 90PCS/管 SOP-7
6 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800SBG-TR 8k/盘 SOP-7
7 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800SCG 90PCS/管 SOP-7
8 MIX Integrated circuit MD1800SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
9 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801HSAG-TR 4k/包 SOP-7
10 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801HSZG 4k/盘 SOT-7
11 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801HSZG-TR 4k/盘 SOP4
12 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SBG 90PCS/管 SOP-7
13 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SBGH-TR 4K/盘 SOP-7
14 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SBG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
15 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SCG 90PCS/管,9K/盒 SOIC-7
16 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SCGH-TR 4k/盘 8k/整盘 SOIC-7
17 MIX Integrated circuit MD1801SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
18 MIX Integrated circuit MD1802SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
19 MIX Integrated circuit MD1810SBG 90PCS/管 SOP-7
20 MIX Integrated circuit MD1810SBG-TR 4K/盘 SO-7
21 MIX Integrated circuit MD1810SCGH-TR 4k/盘,80K/箱 SOP-7
22 MIX Integrated circuit MD1810SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
23 MIX Integrated circuit MD1811SBG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
24 MIX Integrated circuit MD1811SCG 90PCS/管 SO-7
25 MIX Integrated circuit MD1811SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOIC-7
26 MIX Integrated circuit MD1812SCG 4k/盘 SOP-7
27 MIX Integrated circuit MD1812SCG-TR 4k/盘 SOP-7
28 MIX Integrated circuit MD4200FSZG 90PCS\管 SOP-7
29 MIX Integrated circuit MD4200FSZG-TR 8k/盘 SOP-7


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