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Products Name: LITEON Lite-On Semiconductor Corp
Category: LITEON (dūn nán)
Summary: Optocoupler, IC, Schottky diode, rectifier bridge, silicon bridge


Dunnan Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan Stock Code: 5305) was established in 1990. The company is headquartered in Neihu District, Taipei, and has five business and production bases in Keelung, Hsinchu, Wuxi and Shanghai. In order to strengthen customer service and expand into new markets, Dunnan will continue to establish more business and technical support service locations in key cities in mainland China and Asia Pacific.

Dunnan technology design, development, packaging testing and production of a variety of green energy-saving semiconductor components used in power supply for communication, information, consumer electronics and system power management. Since 2011, Dunnan has officially become the largest supplier of global AC to DC bridge rectifiers. Dunnan is one of the few companies in the world with a platform for a fairly complete green energy-saving product. It can integrate the discrete components and analog ICs on the platform into the circuit to achieve the most efficient current.

As countries around the world continue to implement increasingly stringent power-saving requirements for the standby and efficiency of home appliances and consumer electronics, green energy conservation has become an international trend and will continue to drive global power management. growing up. Dunnan will also continue to strive to increase the depth and breadth of the green energy-saving product platform, aiming to become the world’s best green energy-saving semiconductor component supplier.

As of December 31, 2017, Dunnan Technology owns approximately 16% of the shares of Dahl Technology (codename: DIOD) listed on Nasdaq. Dahl Technology enjoys a good market share and reputation in the global semiconductor products market due to its technological leadership and high quality advantages in special and standard discrete components and analog IC products.


No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 LITEON 桥式整流器 ABS10 4K/盘 ABS
2 LITEON 硅桥 ABS210 4K/盘 ABS
3 LITEON 肖特基二极管 B260 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 SMB
4 LITEON 光耦 CNY17F-2 DIP-6
5 LITEON 整流桥 D3A60 20/管,600/盒,1.2K/箱 D3K
6 LITEON 二极管 G20E100CTW 1K TO-220AB
7 LITEON 二极管 G20E120CTW 1K TO-220AB
8 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBJ2508 15/管,600/盒,1.2K/箱 GBJ
9 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU1006 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
10 LITEON 整流桥 GBU1508 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
11 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU406 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
12 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU408 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
13 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU606 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
14 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU806 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
15 LITEON 桥式整流器 GBU808 20/管,2K/箱 GBU
16 LITEON 二极管 KBJ406G 2K KBJ
17 LITEON KBJ608G KBJ608G 20/管,1K/盒 KBJ
18 LITEON 桥式整流器 KBP206G 35/管, 2.8K/箱 KBP
19 LITEON 二极管 LTTH806SDFW 1K/盒 TO-220F
20 LITEON 集成电路 LTV-356 750/盘,3K SOP-4
21 LITEON 集成电路 LTV-817 DIP-4
22 LITEON 集成电路 LTV-817-C-IN 100/管,2K盒/  24K/箱 DIP-4
23 LITEON 光耦 LTV-817S-TA1-B 1K/盘,2K/盒 SO-4
24 LITEON 光耦 LTV-817S-TA1-C 1K/盘 SOP-4
25 LITEON 光耦 LTV-817S-TA1-D 1K/盘 SOP-4
26 LITEON LTV-817S-TP-D LTV-817S-TP-D 2K/盘 SOP-4
27 LITEON LTV-817X-A LTV-817X-A 2K/盒 DIP-4
28 LITEON 肖特基二极管 MBR1060CT 20/管,2K/箱 TO-220AB
29 LITEON 肖特基二极管 MBR20150CTW 50/管,2K/箱 TO-220AB
30 LITEON 肖特基二极管 MBRF20200CT 50/管,2K/箱 TO-220AB
31 LITEON 光耦 MOC3063 2K/盒 DIP-6
32 LITEON 硅桥 MSB30M 2500/盘 MSBL
33 LITEON 肖特基二极管 SB1100 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 DO-41
34 LITEON 肖特基二极管 SB2100 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 DO-15
35 LITEON 肖特基二极管 SB3100 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 DO-201AD
36 LITEON 肖特基二极管 SB5100 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 DO-201AD
37 LITEON SB560 SB560 1.2K/卷, 4.8K/箱 DO-201AD
38 LITEON 肖特基二极管 SBL1060CTW 20/管,2K/箱 TO-220AB


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