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Products Name: Power Forest Technology Inc.
Category: Power Forest (lì lín)
Summary: IC, integrated circuit


Power Forest Technology Inc. is positioned as a green energy supplier to create more efficient energy converters. Expected to have the opportunity to reduce energy waste while also reducing the damage of the Earth. In terms of product development, the company explicitly prohibits the generation of hazardous waste. In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility, Lilin will take the initiative to participate in or participate in activities that benefit the global environment.

Lilin is focused on providing customers with the most complete power management solutions for the most competitive power management IC products and products. Lilin’s growth strategy is to be close to the terminal application product manufacturers, and to better grasp the customer and market information more immediately than other competitors, and to respond to changes in the industry. For each new application, the market development trend, the company attaches great importance to it, and with full market information and innovative technology, actively invest in new product research and development, and provide high-quality products to win the trust of customers. Only the trust of customers can grow steadily and create maximum profit and value for shareholders. And through endless technological innovation and process improvement, we have won the full satisfaction and trust of our customers.




Main product model:


No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1101F-DO 3K DIP-8
2 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1101F-SO 2.5K SO-8
3 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1102E-H2 3K SOT-26
4 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1102N-H2 3K SOT-26
5 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1105C 2.5K SOP-8
6 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1106E-H2 3K SOT23-6
7 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1109F-SO 2.5K SO-8
8 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1118B-S7 2.5K SOP-7
9 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1118C-SO 2.5K SOP-8
10 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1118D-S7 2.5K SOP-7
11 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1118E-SO 2500/盘 SOP-8
12 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1119G-SO 2.5K SOP-8
13 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 NE1119J-SO 2.5K/盘 SO-8
14 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6000AG 3K/ 盘 SOT23-6
15 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6000AG 3K/ 盘 SOT-26
16 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6000AMG 3K/ 盘 SOT-26
17 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6003AG 3000/ 盘 SOT-26
18 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6116AG 3K/ 盘 SOT23-6
19 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6116AG 3K/ 盘 SOT-26
20 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6116CG 3K/ 盘 SOT23-6
21 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6116LG 3K/ 盘 SOT-26
22 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6202AS 2500/ 盘 SOP-8
23 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6600AS 2500/ 盘 SOP-8
24 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6601AG 3K SOT23-5
25 力林(Power Forest) 集成电路 PF6601G 3K SOT23-5


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