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Home - Products - PFC (jié néng yuán jiàn)
Products Name: PFC Device Inc.
Category: PFC (jié néng yuán jiàn)
Summary: Diode, MOS rectifier, FET, IGBT, high voltage MOSFET


PFC Device Inc. is a group of professional teams (including IC design, manufacturing, and discrete devices). We are committed to R&D, design, manufacturing, and provide added value. The device, Power Schottky Rectifier, is just one of them.

In view of the backwardness of the production technology of traditional Schottky rectifiers and the shortcomings of the products, the application of the IC perspective is re-developed, designed, and manufactured, so it is different from the traditional Schottky rectifiers because There is no Schottky Barrier, so it can reduce the forward pressure drop Vf and greatly increase the high temperature resistance. This innovative technology breakthrough provides a platform to serve customers quickly according to the needs of designers. Products can be used in LED, solar cells, mobile phones, PDAs, notebook computers, desktop computers, LCD TVs, plasma TV power modules, and other consumer home electronics, automotive electronics. Its Schottky rectifier current ranges from 0.1 Amp to 200 Amp (amperes) and reverse withstand voltages from 15V to 600V (volts). The package types are SOD, SMD, DO-41, TO-220, TO-247, TO-263.... Its power from 0.05W to 40W, can be said to be readily available. Please refer to the website product for detailed product specifications.

The PFC power Schottky rectifier has the characteristics of no noise and fast reverse recovery time (Trr), especially the softness factor with very good reverse recovery. It is much better than the Super Fast Rectifier. It also reduces the oscillation noise of reverse recovery because of the good softness factor. The oscillation noise is the main cause of EMI exceeding the specification, so the good softness factor can also be used. Solve the problem of EMI. (For the softness factor, Reverse Recovery Softness Factor, RRSF, see JEDEC 282 Standard.)

PFC power Schottky rectifiers use special process technology, which has extremely high temperature resistance, which is 175 degrees Celsius higher than traditional Schottky rectifiers, generally up to 200 °C. Even up to 220 ° C will not heat run (Thermal Runaway).

PFC power Schottky rectifier has very low reverse leakage current Ir and forward voltage drop Vf. Because Vf is very low, it can reduce power loss, reduce temperature rise, and improve efficiency. And excellent reliability, this can help designers solve the problems of today’s electrical products to overcome high heat environment, high power and high efficiency.

PFC has an excellent semiconductor management team, rich design and application experience, can provide excellent services, technology research and development center is located in the United States, set up a branch in Taiwan to coordinate production and marketing.


No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 PFC 二极管 P10V45SP 5K TO-277A
2 PFC 二极管 P15V50SP 800 TO-277
3 PFC 二极管 P20L45D 2.5K TO-252
4 PFC P3L200B P3L200B 3K SMB
5 PFC P3L300B P3L300B 3K SMB
6 PFC P3L40A P3L40A 5K SMA
7 PFC 二极管 P3L40F-A 10K SMAF-A
8 PFC P5L200SP P5L200SP 5K/盘 TO-277
10 PFC 二极管 P5L45F 10K Mini SMA
11 PFC 二极管 P5L45F-A 10K SMAF-A
12 PFC PFR10100CT PFR10100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
13 PFC PFR10100CTF PFR10100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
14 PFC 二极管 PFR10200CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
15 PFC PFR1045CT PFR1045CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
16 PFC 二极管 PFR10L150CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
17 PFC 二极管 PFR10L150CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
18 PFC PFR10V150CTF PFR10V150CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
19 PFC 二极管 PFR10V200CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
20 PFC 二极管 PFR10V300CTF 50/ 2K/ 8K TO-220F
21 PFC PFR10V60CT PFR10V60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
22 PFC 场效应管 PFR20100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220
23 PFC 二极管 PFR20150CT 2K/ 8K TO-220AB
24 PFC 二极管 PFR20150CTF 50 / 2K / 8K TO-220F
25 PFC 二极管 PFR20200CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
26 PFC 二极管 PFR2060CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
27 PFC 二极管 PFR20A150CTF 50/ 2000/8K TO-220F
28 PFC 二极管 PFR20L150CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
29 PFC 二极管 PFR20L150CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
30 PFC 二极管 PFR20L200CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
31 PFC 二极管 PFR20L200CTF 2K/ 4K TO-220F
32 PFC 二极管 PFR20L200CTF-NL 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F-NL
33 PFC 二极管 PFR20L300CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
34 PFC 二极管 PFR20L45CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
35 PFC 二极管 PFR20L45CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
36 PFC 二极管 PFR20L60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220
37 PFC 二极管 PFR20L60CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
38 PFC PFR20V100CT PFR20V100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
39 PFC 二极管 PFR20V300CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
40 PFC 二极管 PFR20V45CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
41 PFC PFR20V60CT PFR20V60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
42 PFC 二极管 PFR20V60CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
43 PFC 二极管 PFR3060CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
44 PFC 二极管 PFR3060CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
45 PFC 二极管 PFR3060PT 2K/ 8K TO-247
46 PFC PFR30A45CT PFR30A45CT 2K/ 8K TO-220
47 PFC PFR30L100PT PFR30L100PT 30/ 300/1.2K TO-247
48 PFC 二极管 PFR30L150CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
49 PFC 二极管 PFR30L30CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220
50 PFC 二极管 PFR30L45CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
51 PFC 二极管 PFR30L45CTI 50 /2K/ 8K TO-262
52 PFC 二极管 PFR30L60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
53 PFC 二极管 PFR30L60CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
54 PFC 场效应管 PFR30V30CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
55 PFC 二极管 PFR30V45CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
56 PFC PFR30V45CTB PFR30V45CTB 5K TO-263
57 PFC 二极管 PFR30V60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
58 PFC 二极管 PFR4060PT 2K/ 8K TO-247
59 PFC 二极管 PFR40L60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
60 PFC 二极管 PFR40V45CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
61 PFC PFR40V45PT PFR40V45PT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-247
62 PFC 二极管 PFR60L200PT 30/ 300/ 1200 TO-247
63 PFC 二极管 PFR60L300PT 30/ 300/ 1200 TO-247
64 PFC 二极管 PFR60L45CT 50/管 TO-220AB
65 PFC PFR60L45PT PFR60L45PT 1200 TO-247
66 PFC 二极管 PFR60L60CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
67 PFC 二极管 PFR60L60PT 1200 TO-247
68 PFC 二极管 PFS10L45 800/ 8K DO-201AD
69 PFC 二极管 PFS10L60 800 DO-201AD
70 PFC 场效应管 PFS5A60 800/8K DO-201AD
71 PFC 二极管 PFS5L150 800/ 8000 DO-201AD
72 PFC 二极管 PFS5L200 800/ 8000 DO-201AD
73 PFC 二极管 PFS5L40 800 DO-201AD
74 PFC 二极管 PFS5V45 800 DO-201AD
75 PFC 二极管 PFS5V60 800 DO-201AD
76 PFC 场效应管 PRM010N04D 2.5K/盘 TO-252
77 PFC 场效应管 PRM012N06S8 3K SO-8
78 PFC 场效应管 PRM100N10DA 2.5K TO-252
79 PFC 场效应管 PRM5R2N06S8 3K SO-8
80 PFC 场效应管 PRM6R0N06D 2.5K/盘 TO-252
81 PFC 场效应管 PRM8R5N10D 2.5K/盘 TO-252
82 PFC 场效应管 PSM20N60CTF 1K TO-220
83 PFC 二极管 PT10L100DS 5K TO-277
84 PFC PT10L100DS PT10L100DS 5K TO-252
85 PFC 二极管 PT20L100D 2.5K TO-252
86 PFC 二极管 PT20L100SP 5K TO-277A
87 PFC 二极管 PT20L80SP 5000/盘 TO-277
88 PFC 二极管 PT5L100SP 5K/盘 TO-277
89 PFC 二极管 PTR10100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
90 PFC 二极管 PTR10100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
91 PFC 二极管 PTR10L100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
92 PFC 二极管 PTR10L100CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
93 PFC 二极管 PTR20100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
94 PFC 二极管 PTR20100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
95 PFC 二极管 PTR20L100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
96 PFC 二极管 PTR20L100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
97 PFC 二极管 PTR20L100CTI 2K/ 8K TO-262AB
98 PFC 二极管 PTR20L120CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
99 PFC 二极管 PTR20L80CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
100 PFC 二极管 PTR20L80CTF 50/ 2K/ 8K TO-220F
101 PFC 二极管 PTR20V100CT 2K/盒8K/箱 TO-220AB
102 PFC 二极管 PTR20V100CTF 2K/盒8K/箱 TO-220F
103 PFC 二极管 PTR30A100CT 50/ 2000/8K TO-220AB
104 PFC 二极管 PTR30L100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
105 PFC 二极管 PTR30L100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
106 PFC 二极管 PTR30L120CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
107 PFC 二极管 PTR30L120CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
108 PFC 二极管 PTR30L80CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220
109 PFC 二极管 PTR30V100CTF 2K/ 8K TO-220F
110 PFC 二极管 PTR40L100CT 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220AB
111 PFC 二极管 PTR40L100CTF 50 /2K/ 8K TO-220F
112 PFC 二极管 PTR40L100PT 300/盒,1.2K/箱 TO-247
113 PFC 场效应管 PTR40L120CTF 50/2K/8K TO-220F
114 PFC 二极管 PTR60L100PT 1200 TO-247
115 PFC 二极管 PTS10L100 800/盒, 8K/箱 DO-201AD
116 PFC 二极管 PTS5L100 800 DO-201AD
117 PFC 二极管 SR5150H 800/ 8K DO-201AD


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