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Products Name: Maplesemi Meipusen Semiconductor Co. Ltd.
Category: Maplesemi (měi pǔ sēn)


Meipusen Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a complete industrial chain technology company integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service. The company specializes in POWER VDMOSFET, SUPER JUNCTION MOSFET, (silicon carbide). SiC MOSFET, (silicon carbide) SiC DIODE and other products.

The FABOWN factory was established in 2009. The factory is located in Pohang, the first industrial city in Korea. It is mainly engaged in the research and development of POWER MOSFET and silicon carbide products. The current 8-inch monthly capacity of 12,000 pieces and 6-inch capacity of 10,000 pieces is the only PLANNER 8-inch wafer production line in East Asia. All technical backbones are from South Korea’s SAMSUNG (Samsung) Semiconductor and US FAIRCHILD (Fairchild) Semiconductor. Has extensive industry experience in production processes. In 2009, the company was recognized by the Korean government IT VENTURE, and has affiliated research institutes at Korea Eastern University and Fuchuan. At present, VDMOSFET and silicon carbide products have obtained more than 60 technical patents from the Korean government.

The company’s products are widely used in inverters, ballasts, adapters, chargers, PC power supplies, TV power supplies, welding machine power supplies and other fields. At present, South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and South Korea’s LG Electronics are all loyal customers of Maplesemi.


No. Brand Stock Name Model Minimum Pack Package
1 MAPLESEMI 碳化硅二极管 MSD06065V1 50/管 TO-252
2 MAPLESEMI 碳化硅二极管 MSP06065V1 50/PCS TO-220
3 MAPLESEMI 碳化硅二极管 MSP08065V1 50/管,1K/盒 TO-220
4 MAPLESEMI 碳化硅二极管 MSP10065V1 1K/盒 TO-220
5 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 S01 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
6 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLB60R190SJ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
7 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLB60R650SJ 1K/盒 TO-263
8 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLB7N65C 1K/盒 TO-263
9 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLB840F 1K/盘 TO-263
10 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD2N60UZ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
11 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD2N65UZ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
12 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD4N60C 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
13 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD4N65C 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
14 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD50R550SJ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
15 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD60R650SJ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
16 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD60R850SJ 2.5K/盘 D-PAK
17 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD65R700SJ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
18 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD830U 2.5K/盘 D-PAK
19 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD830UZ 2500PCS/盘 TO-252
20 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD840F 2.5K/盘 25K/箱 TO-252
21 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLD840UZ 2.5K/盘 TO-252
22 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF10N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
23 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF10N65C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
24 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF10N70C 50PCS/管 TO-220F
25 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF12N60C 50/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
26 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF12N60UZ 50PCS/管 TO-220F
27 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF12N65C 50PCS/管,1K/ 盒 TO-220F
28 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF13N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
29 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF14N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
30 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF16N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
31 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF18N50C 50pcs/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
32 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF20N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
33 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF2N60UZ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
34 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF2N65UZ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
35 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF4N60C 50/1K/ 5K TO-220F
36 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF4N65C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
37 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF4N65UZ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
38 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF4N70C 1K/盒,5K/箱 TO-220F
39 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF50R140SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
40 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF5N60C 50/1K/ 5K TO-220F
41 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF5N65C 50PCS/管 TO-220F
42 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R190SJ 50个/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
43 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R280SJ 1K/盒 TO-220F
44 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R380SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
45 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R460SJ 50PCS/管 TO-220F
46 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R650SJ 50PCS/管, TO-220F
47 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF60R850SJ 50PCS/管 TO-220F
48 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF65R190SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
49 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF65R300SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
50 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF65R420SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
51 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF65R500SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
52 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF65R700SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
53 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF6N70U 50PCS/管 TO-220F
54 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF70R340SJ 1k/盒,5K/箱 TO-220F
55 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF740UZ 1K/盒 TO-220F
56 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF7N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
57 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF7N65C 50PCS/管,1K/箱 TO-220F
58 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF7N80C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
59 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF80R380SJ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
60 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF80R500SJ 50PCS/管1K/盒 TO-220F
61 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF830S 1K/盒 TO-252
62 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF830UZ 1K/盒,5K/箱 TO-220F
63 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF840C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
64 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF8N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
65 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF8N65C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220F
66 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLF9N90CZ 50PCS/管 TO-220F
67 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLH60R070SJ 50/管 TO-247
68 MAPLESEMI 晶体管(场效应管) SLH60R190SJ 50PCS/管 TO-220F
69 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI10N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
70 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI10N65C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
71 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI13N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
72 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI16N50C 50PCS/管 TO-263
73 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI4N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
74 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI4N65C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
75 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI7N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-262
76 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLI7N65C 50PCS/管/,1K/盒 TO-262
77 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP10N65C 1K/盒 TO-220
78 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP13N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
79 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP16N50C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
80 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP4N60S 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
81 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP5N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
82 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP60R190SJ 50个/管,1K/盒 TO-220
83 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP7N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
84 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP7N80C 1K/盒 TO-220
85 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP830UZ 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
86 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP840C 50/1K/ 5K TO-220AB
87 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP8N60C 50PCS/管,1K/盒 TO-220
88 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLP8N65C 1K/盒 TO-220
89 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU2N60UZ 80PCS/管,4K/盒 TO-251
90 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU2N65U 80PCS/管,4K、盒 TO-251
91 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU2N65UZ 80PCS/管,4K/盒 TO-251
92 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU4N60C 4K/盒 TO-251
93 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU4N65C 75PCS/管,3750/盒 TO-251
94 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU4N70C 4k/盒 TO-251
95 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLU6N70U 80PCS/管,5K/盒 TO-251
96 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW18N50C 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒 TO-3P
97 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW20N50C 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒 TO-3P
98 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW24N50C 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒, 5盒/箱 TO-247
99 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW28N50C 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒 TO-3P
100 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW9N90C 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒 TO-3P
101 MAPLESEMI 场效应管 SLW9N90CZ 30PCS/管,450PCS/盒 TO-39


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