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5V2A power supply solution, MD1812SCG-TR six-level energy-efficient switching power supply solution
Source: MIX-DESIGN 美思迪赛 Date:2019-12-23 Views:2390
MD1812SCG-TR six-level energy-efficient switching power supply solution
Introduction to main features Main electrical parameters
⊙ Full voltage range input
⊙ Low standby power consumption, high conversion efficiency.
⊙ Built-in high-reliability switch tube, no photocoupler, 431 and other secondary feedback components.
⊙ Complete protection functions, OCP, OVP, UVP, SCP, OTP, etc.
⊙ Elementary and accurate CC / CV function.
⊙ countries around the world to meet the safety requirements.

⊙ Input voltage range: 90-264Vac
⊙ Input frequency range: 47-63Hz
⊙ Output voltage range: 4.75V-5.25V
⊙ Output current range: 0A-2.0A
⊙ Overcurrent protection point: 2.0A-2.25A
⊙ No-load input power: <75mW @ 230Vac
⊙ Conversion efficiency: Level 6 energy efficiency
⊙ Functional protection features: OCP, OVP, SCP, OTP hiccup protection
⊙ Safety EMC: Meet
⊙ Chargers for mobile phones, tablets and all portable digital devices.
⊙ Router and all low power adapters.
⊙ LED driver.
Schematic diagram of the whole CC / CV curve Introduction to chip package pin functions
1Pin: Vcc
Provide energy to the chip, working voltage range is 3.2V to 8.5V, external
10uF electrolytic capacitor;
2Pin: FB
Output voltage sampling, internal reference voltage 2.9V, external sampling resistor;
3Pin: CPC
Line loss compensation, external 100nF capacitor to ground;
4Pin: CS
Primary current detection, detection voltage is 0.48V, external detection resistor to ground;
5Pin / 6Pin: HV
Switch tube end, external transformer and absorption circuit;
8Pin: GND
Internal control circuit ground pin.
Application Overview

5V / 2A six-level energy efficiency models can choose MD1812. This solution has a built-in 710V high-voltage switch tube. The SOIC-7 package saves space while ensuring a safe distance between high and low voltages, making it cost-effective and high-power-density. At the same time, but also to ensure the security of power supply.

The design of the whole machine has very few components, and the digital-analog mixed primary-side feedback control method (PSR) is used, which eliminates the optocoupler and 431 and secondary feedback control circuits, which greatly reduces peripheral devices. Uses its own patented driver Technology, with QR (quasi-resonant) working mode, built-in complete OCP, OPP, OVP, OTP, SCP, UVP and other protection functions, making the machine more efficient and more reliable. Precise CC / CV (constant voltage / constant current) control, can easily meet the requirements of the charger or adapter.

The use of simple π-shaped filter peripherals can easily meet the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility. Excellent standby power consumption, convenient to meet the needs of countries in the world. The full voltage range input makes this solution meet the global applications, the chip of this solution Can provide different output line loss compensation 0%, 4%, 6%, 9%, which is convenient for different design requirements.

Typical PCB appearance drawing
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